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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • AT-PZEV - Acronym which means Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles which is currently the EPA's cleanest rating attainable in a vehicle which uses an internal combustion engine.
  • Nitrogen Oxides - include various nitrogen compounds like nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide. These compounds play an important role in the atmospheric reactions that create ground-level ozone and acid rain. Ozone is formed when and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) react in the presence of heat and sunlight. Nitrogen oxides form when fuels are burned at high temperatures. The two major sources of nitrogen oxides are transportation vehicles and stationary combustion sources, such as electric utility and industrial boilers.
  • TC - Acronym which means Trip Computer which is a feature available on NAVI equipped Honda Accords.
  • FCV - Fuel Cell Vehicles.
  • D-FAS - Draft Assisted Forced Auto Stop.


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