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  • Hybrid car Federal Income Tax Reductions. Hybrid car tax credit.

    ... vehicle Federal Income Tax Reduction, otherwise known as the hybrid car tax credit. Article, plus hybrid car news and a hybrid car club. Web Soultek Stay current with our Blog ...

  • Toyota Prius Hybrid Car 2004, 2005

    ... you? Use our hybrid buyer's guide. ( more ) Hybrid Tax Credit BREAKING - Hybrid car tax credits passed and the Prius hybrid should qualify (more) EPA ...

  • Hybrid Car Guide: Hybrid Car Tax Credit

    ... about hybrid cars. Includes reviews, technology, incentives, and a mileage calculator. Hybrid Car Tax Credit If you were wise enough to have already purchased your hybrid car during or before 2003, you ...

  • Hybrid Car Guide: Incentives Articles

    ... independence. One of them is up to you. Read the entire Energy Independence article Hybrid Car Tax Credit Find out the details of the Federal Tax incentive when you purchase a fuel efficient hybrid. ...

  • Hybrid Cars Tax Credit Begins January 2006

    ... larger tax incentives for new hybrid vehicles purchased beginning January 1, 2006. New Hybrid Car Tax Credit The new energy bill allows a $400 to $3400 tax credit depending on model. A credit is much ...

  • Hybrid Car Tax Deduction - Clean Burning Fuel Deduction

    ... Email to a friend Print this page Suggested Reading 2006 Energy Bill Hybrid Car Tax Credit Ford Escape Hybrid SUV Review 2005 Prius Review Most Popular Hybrid Car Tax Credit - 2006 2006 Toyota Prius - Side ...

  • Hybrid Cars - Tax Deductions on Hybrid Car Purchases

    ... necessary Bin 5 emissions levels required for the tax credit. Current Incentives Hybrid car buyers in 2004 or 2005 can claim a $2,000 one-time ...

  • Hybrid Cars - Hybrid Car Incentives

    ... or city officials. Hybrid car buyers also qualify for federal ... Revenue offers a tax credit for the purchase of a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), up to $4,713 ...

  • Hybrid Car Tax Credit

    The maximum Hybrid Car Tax Credit has been extended for 2004 & 2005! Hybrid Car Tax Credit A hybrid car tax credit is one of the best ways the government can influence those of us interested in ...

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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • ICE - Acronym which means Internal combustion engine.
  • Solar cell, or photovoltaic cell - a semiconductor device consisting of a large-area p-n junction diode, which in the presence of sunlight is capable of generating usable electrical energy. This conversion is called the photovoltaic effect.
  • Global Climate Change - could result in sea level rises, changes to patterns of precipitation, increased variability in the weather, and a variety of other consequences. These changes threaten our health, agriculture, water resources, forests, wildlife, and coastal areas.
  • Solar power - describes a number of methods of harnessing energy from the light of the Sun. It has become of increasing interest in developed countries as the environmental costs and limited supply of other power sources such as fossil fuels are realized.
  • Passive solar systems - systems that do not involve the input of any other forms of energy apart from the incoming sunlight, although (in the case of solar heat through windows) there may be draperies or panels used to reduce nighttime heat losses and thermostatically or manually operated vents (but not fans) to prevent overheating.


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