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  • Which Hybrid Car is Right for You - Choosing a Hybrid Car

    Trying to make a choice about which hybrid car may be right for you? Read through four important things to keep in mind when choosing a hybrid car.  You are here: About > Automotive > Hybrid Cars Automotive ...

  • Best Hybrid Car websites!

    ... What's a Hybrid Car? Hybrids are cars that run off a rechargeable battery and gasoline, rather than just gasoline. Hybrid batteries help to reduce fuel emissions because the hybrid engine draws on the ...

  • : Vehicles : Prius

    ... The forward-thinking 2006 Prius with Hybrid Synergy DriveŽ combines a gas engine, amazing fuel ... all with the performance of a conventional car. Plus, you never need to plug-in for recharging ...

  • Hybrid vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ... supplied by Toyota) around 2007 . An R.L. Polk survey of 2003 model year cars showed that hybrid car registrations in the United States rose to 43,435 cars, a 25.8 % increase from 2002 numbers. California ...

  • tBLOG - hybrid cars

    ... Car pool stickers for Hybrid cars Thursday 08.18.05 [6:35 pm] Lot of talks is going on for the free entry of hybrid cars in car pool lanes. Now it is officially announced by Department of Motor ...

  • Toyota Prius Hybrid Car 2004, 2005

    ... clean vehicle tax credits could end quickly for Prius hybrid car . Prius, from the Latin "to go before" was Toyota's first hybrid ...

  • Hybrid Car Buyer's Club Request Form

    ... Hybrid Car Club and Soultek Newsletter Request Please fill out the form below. For daily hybrid news and information, check out our blog regularly . ( ...

  • Hybrid Car - The Best Hybrid Cars of The World

    Hybrid Car - The Best Hybrid Cars of The World HYBRID-CARS-DREAM.COM Hybrid Cars Ford Escape Honda Insight Lexus RX 400h Subaru B5-TPH Toyota Prius Links Latest Forum topics Web Search Hybrid-Cars ...

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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • LRR - Low Rolling Resistance tires.
  • Hydrogen Economy - a hypothetical future economy in which the primary form of stored energy for mobile applications and load balancing is hydrogen (H2). In particular hydrogen is proposed as a fuel to replace the gasoline and diesel fuels currently used in automobiles.
  • LRR - Low Rolling Resistance tires.
  • Renewable energy (sources) or RES - capture their energy from existing flows of energy, from on-going natural processes, such as sunshine, wind, flowing water, biological processes, and geothermal heat flows.
  • A-FCD - Average Fuel Consumption Display. Associated with a trip odometer. Indicates the average mileage since the trip odometer was reset.


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