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  • Car tech: Car technology reviews, GPS, bluetooth, hybrid car tech ...

    Car tech reviews and ratings, video reviews, user opinions ... manufacturers Or find by: Body style Available Engine Drivetrain available ... GM's hybrid play Wayne Cunningham Now that the success of Toyota's ...

  • Buy a Hybrid Car (Year-End Tax Moves)

    ... It will be replaced by a two-part hybrid car tax credit . The tax credit amounts will be set by the IRS and car manufacturers, ranging from $400 to $3,400. These new tax credits will have a very short ...

  • Hybrid Car

    ... maintenance as any other vehicle. Replacing the batteries of a hybrid car can cost several thousand dollars, but most manufacturers offer long warranties on the hybrid components -- usually about ...

  • MSN Money - The costly secrets of hybrid cars

    Car makers are rushing to bring out fuel-saving hybrid models. But they don't tell you that these hybrids won't always ... What's going on here? Are car manufacturers perpetrating a scam on unsuspecting ...

  • BBC NEWS | Americas | Hybrid cars take hold in US

    ... snapping up hybrids by the thousands. It's a darn shame the US manufacturers didn't get on the bandwagon John Andersen, hybrid car owner Hybrid cars are one of the few things that seem to bridge the ...

  • car audio

    ... do something with your car. This Scion xB shows how ... and come with the full manufacturers warranty. car audio Hot deals, online ... Hybrid Car Luxury Car National Car Rental New Car New Car Price ...

  • Hybrid Carfinder - Top Choices

    ... hybrid car was delivered to the U.S. mass market in 1999, the popularity of these vehicles has grown exponentially. In 2004 there were five models of hybrid cars available from several manufacturers ...

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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • LMPG - Lifetime Miles Per Gallon.
  • HiHy - Another Acronym which means Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  • HAH - Acronym which means Honda Accord Hybrid.
  • Green technology - technology that offers a more environmentally friendly solution compared to an existing technology.
  • HiHy - Another Acronym which means Toyota Highlander Hybrid


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