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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • Reboot - A reboot is where you take your car from IG-I (ICE-Off) to IG-II to reboot the electronics and systems without actually starting the car.
  • Forced Auto Stop - A Forced Auto Stop is a fuel saving technique whereby the engine (ICE) is shut down while the vehicle is still in motion.
  • NAVI - Acronym which means Navigation equipped.
  • Acid Rain - a term used to describe several ways that acidic compounds fall out of the atmosphere, causing a variety of ground-level environmental effects. These effects include damage to forests and soils, fish and other living things, and human health.
  • PZEV - Acronym which means Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles which is currently the EPA's second cleanest rating attainable in a vehicle which uses an internal combustion engine.


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