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Hybrid Car Comparison Additional Resources - Page 8

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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • TRAC - Acronym which means Traction Control System.
  • NAVI - Acronym which means Navigation equipped.
  • Green Power - Electricity that is generated from renewable energy sources is often referred to as green power. Green power products can include electricity generated exclusively from renewable resources or, more frequently, electricity produced from a combination of fossil and renewable resources. Also known as blended products, these products typically have lower prices than 100 percent renewable products. Customers who take advantage of these options usually pay a premium for having some or all of their electricity produced from renewable resources.
  • I-FCD - Instantaneous (current) Fuel Consumption Display. Updated at least once per second to reflect changing fuel flow levels.
  • D-FAS - Draft Assisted Forced Auto Stop.


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