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Navigating Hybrid Car Dealers

Purchasing a hybrid car is not much different than purchasing a conventional car. You still need to research cars in terms of pricing, reliability, features, and options. You also still need to comparison shop among hybrid car dealers. Whether buying a conventional or hybrid, what are some tips to keep in mind to avoid paying too much?

First, add an automobile to your holiday shopping list. Purchasing a car around the Christmas holiday season could yield some good bargains. People are usually so preoccupied with their holiday shopping that they often don't think to purchase a car. With fewer buyers available, a hybrid car dealer might be more willing to meet your pricing demands than in the spring months. July through October is also a good time of year to purchase a car from a hybrid car dealer. They are typically looking to sell off their existing inventory in order to make room for the newest models.

You might be able to bypass a hybrid car dealer all together. You can purchase hybrid vehicles online and get some good deals, including online auction sites. If you're not comfortable purchasing through an online auction, you can always do your research online and get the lowest price. You can then print the quote and bring it to your local hybrid car dealer to see if they can beat or match the deal.

If you've decided to purchase instead of lease an automobile, arrange your financing ahead of time. The best negotiating tool you can possibly have is money. For example, if the best price you've found for a car is $21,000, you can bring a bank draft for $20,000 to the hybrid car dealer. They just might find a way to make a deal to fit your bank draft. Even if you don't have that kind of cash, you can obtain a car loan on your own instead of relying on the hybrid car dealers. It has the same effect as cash - you'll have more leverage in negotiating your best price. It will also save you a lot of time, as you don't have to spend another 2 hours in the finance manager's office after spending 3 hours haggling with the sales staff. Sometimes, if you arrange your own financing, the hybrid car dealer might try to persuade you to take their financing, as if their deal was better. It's up to you whether you want to take the dealer up on the offer. If you do, scrutinize the Truth-In-Lending document to ensure that the terms you're receiving from the dealer are in fact better than the one you already have.

Lastly, don't be in a hurry to purchase a car. The second-best negotiating tactic you can use against a hybrid car dealer is to walk out. If they know you're willing to walk, they will treat you with more respect. If you need a new car because your car died last week, you likely won't get as good of a deal.

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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
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  • Acid Rain - a term used to describe several ways that acidic compounds fall out of the atmosphere, causing a variety of ground-level environmental effects. These effects include damage to forests and soils, fish and other living things, and human health.
  • TRAC - Acronym which means Traction Control System.
  • Battery - a device that stores energy and makes it available in an electrical form. Batteries consist of electrochemical devices such as one or more galvanic cells (or, more recently, fuel cells).
  • Fossil Fuels - the nationís principal source of electricity. The popularity of these fuels is largely due to their low costs. Fossil fuels come in three major forms-coal, oil, and natural gas. Because fossil fuels are a finite resource and cannot be replenished once they are extracted and burned, they are not considered renewable.


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