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  • Car and SUV Tax Breaks for Hybrid Vehicles

    You may not realize this but if you are going to buy a hybrid car, SUV or any similar vehicle you could get a whopping tax break. In fact few consumers have taken the government up on this offer, perhaps they do not realize that this was part of the Bill


  • Reducing cost of gas with hybrid cars

    The first successfully designed, engineered and launched hybrid car was by Ferdinand Porsche all the way back in 1899. How surprisingly long ago it has been since the first hybrid car and only of recent years have we been able to find a way to bring


  • Unraveling The Hybrid Car Tax Credit

    A new energy bill signed by President Bush is advantageous to owners and potential owners of hybrid automobiles. Until December 31, 2005, you can still deduct hybrid cars you purchase through that date. However, because of the new energy bill, you


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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • Solar cell, or photovoltaic cell - a semiconductor device consisting of a large-area p-n junction diode, which in the presence of sunlight is capable of generating usable electrical energy. This conversion is called the photovoltaic effect.
  • Fuel Cell - an electrochemical device similar to a battery, but differing from the latter in that it is designed for continuous replenishment of the reactants consumed, i.e. it produces electricity from an external fuel supply of hydrogen and oxygen as opposed to the limited internal energy storage capacity of a battery.
  • TRAC - Acronym which means Traction Control System.
  • THH - Toyota Highlander Hybrid.
  • A-FCD - Average Fuel Consumption Display. Associated with a trip odometer. Indicates the average mileage since the trip odometer was reset.


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