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  • Some Useful Tips for Improving Your Dodges Fuel Economy

    As global oil prices continue to rise meteorically to record levels, we have to find ways to improve our cars' fuel economy and save money. Especially now that drivers are doing a lot more traveling than ever, the importance of fuel economy cannot be


  • 5 Auto Scams You Absolutely Must Avoid

    Many people hate car dealers. Of course, there are always nice guys, but many car dealers just have to cheat their way to profits. Here are the top 5 auto scams that you absolutely must avoid, or risk paying way too much for your car.

    Scam 1:


  • Navigating Hybrid Car Dealers

    Purchasing a hybrid car is not much different than purchasing a conventional car. You still need to research cars in terms of pricing, reliability, features, and options. You also still need to comparison shop among hybrid car dealers. Whether buying


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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • Forced Auto Stop - A Forced Auto Stop is a fuel saving technique whereby the engine (ICE) is shut down while the vehicle is still in motion.
  • MPG - Acronym which means Miles Per Gallon. It is how far your car can travel on one gallon of fuel.
  • Energy Efficiency - refers to products or systems using less energy to do the same or better job than conventional products or systems. Energy efficiency saves energy, saves money on utility bills, and helps protect the environment by reducing the amount of electricity that needs to be generated. When buying or replacing products or appliances for your home, look for the ENERGY STAR® label — the national symbol for energy efficiency. For more information on ENERGY STAR® labeled products, visit the ENERGY STAR® Web site.
  • BAS - Belt Alternator Starter. The traditional alternator in the engine accessory drive is replaced by a combination alternator / starter / electric motor.
  • FEH - Acronym which means Ford Escape Hybrid.


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