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  • Comparison Of Hybrid Car Batteries And Regular Car Batteries

    Hybrid car batteries provide the extra source of power, without using additional gasoline, that makes a hybrid care more fuel efficient. Non-hybrid cars also utilize a battery. Both hybrid and regular batteries can be recharged.. The similarities end t


  • How To Jump Start A Dead Car Battery

    Here are few tips and instructions on jump starting a dead battery. First things first, though. You need to inspect the dead battery. If you see any damage such as leaks or cracks. DO NOT go any further. Put away the jumper cables and call a wrecker.


  • Helium Powered Car

    Ever wonder what they will think of next? We are all about ready to go out and put our names on one of those lists to get a Hybrid Car due to the these fuel prices at the pump and then someone comes along and yells; “Wait, have you heard of Thermoacoust


  • Hybrid Car Batteries versus Conventional Car Batteries

    Hybrid car batteries are half of the equation that makes a hybrid car more fuel efficient than a conventional automobile. While normal gas-powered cars also use batteries, there is a difference in how they are constructed and how much energy they store


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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • Hydrogen Economy - a hypothetical future economy in which the primary form of stored energy for mobile applications and load balancing is hydrogen (H2). In particular hydrogen is proposed as a fuel to replace the gasoline and diesel fuels currently used in automobiles.
  • Regenerative Brake - an apparatus, a device or system which allows a vehicle to recapture and store part of the kinetic energy that would otherwise be 'lost' to heat when braking.
  • EPA - Environmental Protection Agency.
  • I-FCD - Instantaneous (current) Fuel Consumption Display. Updated at least once per second to reflect changing fuel flow levels.
  • Energy Efficiency - refers to products or systems using less energy to do the same or better job than conventional products or systems. Energy efficiency saves energy, saves money on utility bills, and helps protect the environment by reducing the amount of electricity that needs to be generated. When buying or replacing products or appliances for your home, look for the ENERGY STAR® label — the national symbol for energy efficiency. For more information on ENERGY STAR® labeled products, visit the ENERGY STAR® Web site.


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