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  • All About the Hybrid Car

    Efficient Hybrid cars have engines that run off of rechargeable batteries and gasoline opposed to just gasoline or diesel. Hybrid cars can reduce smog up to 90% and can get much better fuel economy then a normal engine. If it could be possible for everyone


  • Hybrid Cars with 250 MPG Fuel Mileage

    Is it possible to have 250-mpg mileage with hybrid cars? Yes, Bellevue auto visionaries’ thinks so. The people owning Toyota Prius and Honda hybrid cars are eyeing for an mpg of 40 to 50 then how a automaker claims to have technology that can give this


  • Hybrid Car Basics

    A hybrid car is a car that uses both a battery and a gasoline engine to help power a car. These hybrids are becoming more and more popular with consumers because of the high gas prices plaguing the United States in recent days. Due to the two engines


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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • Green technology - technology that offers a more environmentally friendly solution compared to an existing technology.
  • Global Climate Change - could result in sea level rises, changes to patterns of precipitation, increased variability in the weather, and a variety of other consequences. These changes threaten our health, agriculture, water resources, forests, wildlife, and coastal areas.
  • CARB - California Air Resources Board is the clean air agency of the state of California in the United States. Established originally as the Air Resources Board in 1967, it is known for setting extremely stringent standards for air quality, resulting in the manufacture of special gasoline for automobiles in the state.
  • D-FAS - Draft Assisted Forced Auto Stop.
  • HCH - Acronym which means Honda Civic Hybrid.


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