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Comparison Of Hybrid Car Batteries And Regular Car Batteries
Doug Smith

Hybrid car batteries provide the extra source of power, without using additional gasoline, that makes a hybrid care more fuel efficient. Non-hybrid cars also utilize a battery. Both hybrid and regular batteries can be recharged.. The similarities end there, because there are big differences in how the batteries work and how they are made.

Lead acid batteries are used in regular non-hybrid cars. This type of battery stores just enough energy to power the small starting motor. The starting motor makes the main internal combustion motor turn and start. During cold weather, contracting metal parts and more viscous oil require more power in the starter battery. The extra car battery power during cold weather is denoted by the term "cold-cranking amps," because current (amps) is used to start the car. Harder starting conditions in cold weather require more current from the battery.

Other electrical parts of a non hybrid car draw power from the battery if the car is not running. These electronics include radio, lights, windshield wipers, power windows, and more. Once the engine is started, the alternator generates all current needed by the car, and also recharges the battery.

A hybrid car uses a lead acid battery for the same functions as a non hybrid car does. What makes a hybrid car different is that it also is equipped with hybrid car batteries that are not based on lead acid technology.

Hybrid car batteries are termed deep cycle batteries. The lead acid battery becomes useless when it loses its charge. Hybrid car batteries are designed to endure full discharging and recharging cycles without losing effectiveness. Another benefit of the hybrid car battery is that it must be powerful enough to actually propel the car. We all know from experience that a regular lead acid battery can't even sustain headlights accidentally left on for more than several hours.

Most hybrid car batteries are massive and weighty. As an example, a Ford battery developed during the 1990's weighed more than 1,500 lb. Hybrid car batteries usually consist of a series of small batteries combined to create one large storage battery of higher voltage than its constituents.

A hybrid car is one that combines both the power of a gasoline engine and the efficiency of an electric battery powered motor into a more fuel efficient vehicle. Hybrid car batteries are based on nickel-metal-hydride or NiMH technology, which is lighter and more energy efficient than lead acid batteries. There isn't much room for the hybrid car battery, so it needs to be small yet efficient (about 300 Volts in the Honda Civic and Toyota Prius). Newer Prius and Civics use a battery pack housing cells that are connected in arrays. Lead acid car batteries are rated by their cranking amps. Hybrid car batteries are rated in kilowatt amp-hours.

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Hybrid Car Acronyms and Definitions:
  • Gasoline - a petroleum-derived liquid mixture consisting primarily of hydrocarbons, used as fuel in internal combustion engines.
  • BAS - Belt Alternator Starter. The traditional alternator in the engine accessory drive is replaced by a combination alternator / starter / electric motor.
  • MPG - Acronym which means Miles Per Gallon. It is how far your car can travel on one gallon of fuel.
  • Battery - a device that stores energy and makes it available in an electrical form. Batteries consist of electrochemical devices such as one or more galvanic cells (or, more recently, fuel cells).
  • THH - Toyota Highlander Hybrid.


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